The London Tours are £25 per person for any group size. Don’t worry if a few people can’t make it along: we only charge for those who attend on the day.

All the routes are roughly the same distance and last about 70 to 80 minutes. Please aim to be at the meeting point 15 minutes before your start time to avoid delay, and we’d advise allowing 90 minutes for the tour if you have any plans for afterwards.

You can bring up to 3 alcoholic drinks per person on board. Beers, ciders, wines, and cans of spirit-and-mixer are fine to bring along. Please don’t bring any neat spirits or suspicious homemade mixtures. We’ll provide cups that fit our cup-holders. Snacks and soft drinks are of course fine to bring along, with no limits.

Yes! After all, no celebration is complete without a party playlist. Simply bring any device or phone that can play music, and just plug it in to our stereo system. We have all cables and adaptors necessary, and we’ll get you set up at the start of the tour.

Yes, there is ample space for a few decorations. There is space for a rear banner (100cm x 40cm), and a front poster (52cm x 91cm).  Balloons can obscure the driver’s vision, so we’d ask you not to bring any. If you want to place advertising boards on the Pedibus or promote a product/service please book through our Commercial Hire page.

We generally need at least 24 hours notice for new bookings, and we can take a booking up to 9 months in advance. We can usually hold a time without obligation for a few days, before you pay a £50 deposit to secure the booking. Our online booking system automatically shuts 24-48 hours beforehand, so for short notice bookings, fill in the Check Availability form, or give us a call on 020 3092 5555.

You’ll need a minimum of 5 people to power the Pedibus. Each Pedibus can carry a maximum of 12 passengers, with 8 cycle-points and 4 more on the platform at the back. For larger parties we can make more Pedibuses available. In London we have up to 6 Pedibuses available for a total of 72 people to ride together. 

You can book a Pedibus exclusively for your party by paying a £50 deposit, which also acts as part-payment covering two people in your group. The remaining balance is due on the day of your tour. This way, it’s always £25 per person, and you don’t have to pay for any last-minute drop-outs from your party. The balance can be paid on the same card used for the deposit, or in cash to your driver. You can make a booking securely through our website, over the phone, or via an e-invoice upon request, and we accept all major debit & credit cards (including American Express) for this. 

The probability of rain during any given Pedibus tour of a given day is 5-7%. If rain is forecast we always fit the roof and everyone on board will stay dry. The roof can be seen on the home page. If heavy rain is forecast, we’ll call you on the morning of the tour, and check in with you. In the event of heavy rain, we can offer you the option to cancel and receive a full refund if you have booked a standard tour.

Whilst we don’t wish to appear as the ‘fun police’, we also need to keep you safe whilst you are with us. Firstly, please don’t turn up too drunk; we cannot allow you to come on board if you are too far gone. Additionally we’d ask you to remain on board whilst we’re moving, and to obey all instructions from our staff who will give you a full safety talk at the start.

We offer fixed start times to ensure a reliable service throughout the day. In order to stay on schedule, we may have to shorten your tour or assume you have cancelled if you are unable to turn up on time. However, we would ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you are running late, as we may still be able to accommodate you.

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Anyone who can’t comfortably reach the pedals will have to take a standing position. Nobody under 10 years old can board the Pedibus, and we can only let those 18 years old or over operate the pedal points.

The Pedibus is 100% pedal powered. It’s super light-weight design and low-gearing, means it can take on any inclines on our routes with ease. It’s so easy that one person can power the Pedibus if its unladen, and we have run special events where the same group has cycled over 50 miles on a single trip. All of our tours are circular in nature, so if there are any inclines, we’ll come back with gravity helping us!

Yes, your safety whilst on board is of the highest priority, and we have a 100% safety record in over 12 years of operation. You’ll need to obey any safety instructions from our staff, who will will give you a briefing at the start of your tour. You should bear in mind that the Pedibus is a physical activity, and if you have any medical conditions that might be made worse by taking part, we’d recommended seeking medical advice. In the unlikely event that anything does go wrong, we are covered for up to £5 million on our public liability insurance.

All the Pedibus routes have been design to capture the best parts of London during the the time on board the Pedibus and the finishing points will leave you well placed to continue the party. However, at certain times, we can offer the possibility to design your own tailored route to include alternative pick up and drop off points. Additional fees can often apply for these, but just get in touch via our Check Availability form for a no obligation quote.

If you are looking to book the Pedibus for a whole day event you can custom design the route, just go to our Events page for more information.


Pedibus routes have been designed to capture the best parts of London during your time on board, and the start/finish points will leave you well placed for onward travel. However on weekdays, and in winter months, we can offer tailored routes to include an alternative collection and drop off point. There may be an extra charge for this, and it is subject to availability, so please get in touch to check. If you are looking to book the Pedibus for a whole day event, we can assist in designing a great route to suit your aims. You can get in touch through our Commercial Hire page.
Yes, there is a space for a banner on the rear of the Pedibus, or a large portrait poster on the front. The rear banner space is 100x40cm (WxH), and the front poster is 52x91cm (WxH). Please get in touch about this, and we can assist with production. If you would like to book the full advertising space available on the Pedibus, you can do so through our Commercial Hire page.
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