The super strong aluminium lightweight chassis means each cyclist is carrying no more than a few extra kilos in comparison to 2 wheel cycling. The Pedibus is so efficient, one person alone with relative ease can cycle the Pedibus. The Pedibus can use all roadways and also has off-road capabilities.

Gradients of 7% are achieveable with a little extra legwork. A physically fit passenger crew of 8 can generate break away torque levels seen on high performance sports cars and generate power levels in short periods of up to 5kw or 7hp. To date the distance record in one cycling session for the Pedibus is 44km from Windsor to London. This was achieved in 5 hours 54 minutes.
Absolute Zero

That is the co2 emmsions from burning fossil fuels used to drive the Pedibus and power its electrics. The Pedibus has 2 x 20 watt solar panels which collects the sun’s energy by day in order to power the sound system and lights by night.

The 12V battery has a capacity of 80ah and all the light bulbs are highly efficient LEDs leaving a reservoir of power which will last in excess of 12 hours.


Safety & Technical

With a chassis as strong as a family saloon car and a noticeability which is unsurpassed the Pedibus is far safer than normal cycling or riding in a cycle rickshaw. A dual master cylinder develops hydraulic disc braking at each wheel and a 4 wheel parking brake ensure perfect control. Front and rear lights with indicators and braking lights tells other road users where you are and what you are doing. A cruising speed of 8.5km/hr with a peak speed of 12km/hr gets everyone around quickly and efficiently.

Sociable Cycling

With a seating configuration similar to that of a dinner table The Pedibus is the most fun and sociable way to cycle, chat and hang out with friends or people you have just met. Drinks can be served and consumed on board also. The openness of the Pedibus delivers lively sound and keeps the on-lookers passing by in complete awe as the Pedibus cruises on by with the party in full swing. Always a warm and positive reaction from The Public.


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