The Pedibus is available for London Tours - Work Social Events - UK events & Promotions

How many people can be on board each Pedibus?
A total maximum of 12, which is 8 on cycle-points and 4 on the VIP platform at the back. If there are more than 12 people we can make more Pedibuses available. In London we can make up to 5 available for a total of 60 people to ride together. Only the routes in London Bridge, Tower Bridge and Borough Market can accommodate 2 or more Pedibuses.

Is The Pedibus easy to cycle?
Yes, it moves slowly due to the gearing, and even one person can power the Pedibus effortlessly, if they are on their own. The gearing can also be changed for events. To date the distance record on the Pedibus is 44 Km from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace in 5 hours 56 Minutes. An NSPCC Fund raiser.

The weather is unpredictable what if it is raining?
The probability of rain during any given Pedibus tour of a given day is 5-7%. If
the rain is light we always fit the roof and everyone on board will stay dry.
The roof can be seen on the home page .
We normally check the forecast in the morning of an event and if the weather
looks likely to be heavy rain we will call you to offer you the option to cancel and receive a full refund. If the rain is unpredictable and your tour gets rained upon after it has started you can always stop and pop into a pub for a bit until it passes. If you decide it is too rainy for you to continue you can stop at any time and only pay for the portion of time you have been on the Pedibus.
  London Tours

‘The most fun way to spend an hour in London.’

Where can we go to?
If you are booking a London Tour, the areas the Pedibus visits in London are Borough Market and London Bridge 7 days per week. Shoreditch on weekdays and, Liverpool St. on Saturdays These 4 fantastic routes listed on The London Tours page.

There are more than 12 of us, can we still go?
Absolutely! If you are organising for a large group, we suggest London Bridge. Here we are ale to provide more Pedibuses to accommodate your group.

Can the Pedibus meet outside of London?
Yes! Your hire will be arranged by the UK events team. Please contact them through the enquiry option on the UK Events page.. Between April and October the Pedibuses may only be available for events outside London on weekdays. Extra delivery and collection costs would apply.

How much are the Tours?
The London Tours are between £23-£25 per person. The price is the same per person for any number of people or Pedibuses. However if you find a similar tour in London from another company for less we will refund double the price difference to your booking.

What is the minimum number of People who can go?
For the Pedibus Single Seat Bookings you can book just 1 seat. Go to Pedibus Singles . For the London tours the minimum is 6 people places for each Pedibus.
London tours will always be exclusively for your group. and Pedibus Singles will be mixed, but half guys and half girls.

What drinks can be brought on board?

The Pedibus will meet you glasses, cups and bottle openers. Alcoholic beverages on board are restricted to 2 pints of beer/cider or 2 glasses of wine per person. Champagne, cider, alcopops are pernitted. No bottles of spirits are allowed on board. There is always time for a pub stop on the route. as well.

Is it a smoking bar?
Yes, no smoking restrictions apply.

Can we dress the Pedibus with balloons and bunting?
There is a space at the back for placing a banner to advertise your occassion, however balloons can obscure the drivers vision, so we ask people not to bring any along. The space for the banner is 1m across and 40cm high.

Can we custom build our route?

Only in December we offer the possibility to design your own route for Christmas parties. However the routes may be a little longer and theprice may be more.

Work Social & Corporate

Can you pick us up from our offices?
All the Pedibus routes have been design to capture the best parts of London during the the time on board the Pedibus and the finishing points will leave you well placed to continue the party. However in the month of December only, running up to Christmas, the Pedibuses can follow a tailored route to include an alternative collection and drop off point. However there is often an extra charge.

Can we put our corporate logo or advertising on the Pedibus?
If you are booking the Pedibus for a London tour, there is a space at the back of the Pedibus for a banner to advertise your event. The space is 1m wide and 40cm high. If you would like to book the full advertising space available on the Pedibus, you can do so through our events department.

UK Events , Promotions & advertising

How much will it cost to hire for an event?
On a private estate the price is from £295 per day excluding staffing, insurance, delivery and collection. On a public road or at a public event the price is from £395 per day excluding staffing, insurance, delivery and collection. Please fill in the quotation form on UK Events to obtain a full quote.

Can I mount corporate advertising on The Pedibus?
Yes! There is 4.5m2 of externally visible advertising space on the Pedibus. We can print and mount these for you. The art work production specifications can be viewed at production & media

Do you provide public liability Insurance?
Yes! But only if the Pedibus is driven by Pedibus staff. Details are available on request.
  Do we need permission from local authorities?
If your event is at a public space we can secure the permissions where needed at no extra charge. We will also assist withroute planning and logistics.

How do I work the Pedibus into my event to achieve the maximum spectacle?
We have a lot of experience at events and will happily assist
you at no extra charge. We will advise on health and safety,
route choreography and logistics and passenger interaction.
We can also advise with advertising and brand
communication from on board the Pedibus.

Will you deliver the Pedibus anywhere?
Yes! We can deliver the Pedibus to anywhere in the UK and
to certain locations outside the UK. Delivery charges would
vary according to the distance from London

How do I book?
For London Tours go to the Book Tour or Check Availability
Icon on the left to check a date and time is available. We
can then pencil you in for a time at no obligation for up to 10
days. To confirm a booking we then ask for a £52 deposit per
Pedibus and the remainder can be paid on the day itself. The
deposit can be paid by card over the phone or by filling in
and sending in the booking form.
For all events bookings go to the Events Quotation Form icon on the UK Events page to obtain a quotation or go to view our pricing guide line for staffed UK events at UK events Price list.


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